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Southwest Bonding is a unique mixture of five partners from five different companies. The result is an eclectic mix of experience and knowledge. Read our partner profiles to learn more about our broad experience in the bond industry and the services we have to offer.

  Jeff Davis
When one is raised in sunny San Diego, there is little reason to leave. Jeff Davis began his formal education at Christian High School. Upon graduation he attended Point Loma College and concluded his degree at San Diego State University. Working with his father, Bob Davis, at Southern California Bonding Service inspired Jeff to build his own bond business in San Diego.
In 1995, Jeff founded Davis Bonding, Inc. with his father. After nearly a decade of growing the business and earning a solid reputation in the community, Davis Bonding partnered with Southwest Bonding.

  Chris Haenel
When the bond business was still in its formative stage, Christopher M. Haenel was eager to learn the trade. In 1959, Haenel signed on with Weitzel and Fourtney, one of California's first specialty bond agencies. In 1971, he co-founded Southern California Bonding, elevating the company to that of the largest bond provider in the state. Haenel divested his interests in the 1980s to pursue real estate development, Richard Mille Replica returning to the bond industry in 1990.
Co-founder of California Civil and Judicial Bonding in Los Angeles, Haenel seized the opportunity in 2002 to join Southwest Bonding to become the state's leading producers of surety bonds.

  Will Mingram
After receiving a degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences from the University of California in San Diego, Will Mingram's tenacious young spirit and impressive credentials earned him a post at Van Bokkelen Bonds & Insurance Agency. Trusted to establish a Southern California office and build a client base for this Northern California-based business, Mingram's proficiency and determination made him instrumental in the subsequent partnership agreement Von Bokkelen Bonds made to join hands with Southwest Bonding.

  John Rough
California native John Rough attended Occidental College and Beverly College of Law. Even before graduation, Rough was sharpening his skills in the bonds and undertakings arena by working summers at the Los Angeles County Courthouse for Golden State Bonding, his family bond business. Endowed with the same entrepreneurial spirit as his father, Rough established Bond Services in 1974. Twenty years later, he co-founded a second company, California Civil and Judicial Bonding, which served to broaden the scope of his expertise. Today, Rough is one of the few bond specialists with such extensive connections in the California court system.

  John Van Bokkelen
Well-versed in the field of Business Law, John R. Van Bokkelen, Jr. succeeded his father as Branch Manager of Bonding Service, Inc. in Northern California in 1988. Less than a year later, he founded Van Bokkelen Bonds & Insurance Agency, expanding the business into all parts of the state. In November 1998, Van Bokkelen Bonds & Insurance Agency purchased the Phil Simpson Agency. Based in Oakland, California, the Phil Simpson Agency has been in the surety business for nearly a century.
Now, as one of the principal partners of Bond Services, Van Bokkelen brings to the company an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry, which grows increasingly more delineated and complex each year.
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